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Active crystal oscillator(2009)
8-bit MCU SCM(198)
32-bit MCU microcontroller(158)
Other microprocessors(206)
PLD Programmable Logic Device(1)
Security/Authentication/Encryption Chip (8)
16-bit MCU Single-chip Computer(22)
WiFi and Bluetooth module(46)
Zigbee module(1)
RF Other ICs and Modules(61)
EEPROM memory(130)
FLASH memory(102)
MRAM magnetic random access memory(153)
Voltage level converter(219)
Clock Buffer/Driver(13)
Overvoltage/Overcurrent Protection(30)
Temperature sensor(87)
Capacitive touch sensor chip(8)
linear regulator and LDO(1251)
Voltage reference chip(246)
Power Monitor and Reset Chip(204)
USB Power Switch/Load Switch(85)
Battery Charge Management Chip(255)
grid driver(82)
Power Controller/Monitor(116)
DC/DC Switch Converter(977)
Charge Pump(45)
analog-to-digital converter (ADC)(225)
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC)(145)
Analog Front End (AFE)(7)
Digital potentiometer(12)
General amplifier(500)
Instrument amplifier(205)
Ethernet Chip(37)
I/O Port Extender(20)
Motor Driver and Controller(141)
IrDA Encoder/Decoder(5)
Interface (Driver/Receiver/Transceiver)(214)
SCM/processor/controller to be classified(1)
Proximity sensor IC(1)
Memory to be classified(2)
USB Chip(49)
CAN Transceiver(25)
Standard Transceiver(284)
SRAM memory(3)

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